Lake Rules

The law of the land…

No speeding along the drive, 10 Mph max for your safety and the safety of other

All gates to be left closed and locked, you must not give out gate numbers

All members must sign in and out on every visit to the lake

All members must carry membership id at all time while you are on the lake

All members must keep to no noise when fishing ie no loud radios and shouting/whistling etc

All members must ensure they leave the lake clean, please take your rubbish with you

Guests and Non Members must be booked in before hand with the Lake Manager (guest anglers can fish from 6am till 6pm at a guest of £10 per day)

All members (and guests) must have a valid rod licence

All members subs to be paid in by the 1st May

A max of two rods allowed

All anglers must have an unhooking mat and this should be wetted before use

No lead core no fixed rigs and no miss use of safety clips

Keepnets allowed

No nuts no shelf life baits

All nets must be dipped before fishing

All hooks must be barbless

All members must have a bottle of antiseptic fish care

No fish over 3lb in keepnets

Baitboats allowed

No carp sacks allowed

All members must keep to the rules and if you are not sure of anything contact us or see one of the lake bailiffs.